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Powerful Live Local And Remote Application Logging With CodeSite Express In Delphi

CodeSiteapplication logging system gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing, enabling them to locate problems more quickly and monitor how well their code is performing. Developers can configure their code using CodeSite loggers that send CodeSite messages toa to a live display or log file during program execution. CodeSiteis not only effective throughout…
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Learn How To Build Decoupled Delphi Applications Quickly With Delphi Event Bus Framework

Modularity is very important in software architecture so that applications built can be easily extendable and maintainable. Consider your building an application with multiple components in it. If we decide to remove a component and replace it with another component it should not affect the application. This can be done by decoupling software architecture. Do you want to build such decoupled…
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Create Visually Stunning VCL Application With Konopka Signature VCL Controls 6

KSVC – Konopka Signature VCL Controls 6 is a suite of over 200 Windows UI controls and designers for your Delphi and C++ Builder VCL applications. Konopka Signature VCL components provide unmatched attention to detail, ease of use, and versatility. KSVC also supports full VCL Styles, which can deliver custom and stunning modern Windows applications. To utilize the KSVC…
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