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Easily Access Storage Devices Information In Your Delphi Windows Apps With Robust Component Suite

Do you need to identify Storage Devices available or connected to the machine and perform some actions to the Storage Devices programmatically? How to enumerate among the Storage Devices quickly ? Don’t know how to do. Don’t worry.MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to enumerate the available Internal or external Storage devices and we will learn how…
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Easy Way To Monitor Devices Connected To A Machine In Your Delphi App With Flexible Component Suite

Do you need to Monitor Devices in your Machine from your Delphi Application? Don’t know where to start with ? Don’t worry.MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to monitor your USB, Bluetooth devices or TV/monitor connection/disconnection, volumes mount/unmount, CD/DVD insert/eject with less code and we will learn how to use MiTeC_DeviceMonitor in this…
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Cross-Platform to Windows, macOS, Linux with Firepower - Replay

In this webinar, Embarcadero Delphi MVP Ian Barker writes and deploys an app that targets Windows, macOS, and Linux from one set of code using just Delphi 10.4 and the FirePower components from Woll2Woll software. Roy Woll (from Woll2Woll) will be taking part in a live Q & A session with Ian after the demonstration to answer your questions plus attendees can get a coupon for a discount on the…
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All You Need To Know About The Open Source AsmProfiler 32-Bit Profiler Written In Delphi And Assembly

AsmProfiler is a full tracing 32bit profiler (instrumenting and sampling), written in Delphi and some assembly. AsmProfiler stands for “assembly profiler” because the heart of the profiler is written in assembly. According to the author of the project: “There are some (good) profilers available, but these are: Too expensive, and I want that every programmer can use a…
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