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Federal Institute of São Paulo is the newest partner of the Embarcadero Academic Program in Brazil

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Sao Paulo – IFSP and Embarcadero Technologies form a partnership and will now make it available to teachers and students from all units of the Institute. The Federal Institute of Sao Paulo The Federal Institute of Sao Paulo is a century-old institution that has 41 units present throughout the State of SP, with more than 80 thousand…
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Generate images using AI in your Delphi applications

Recently, a mobile application became one of the most talked about topics in the world using Artificial Intelligence to generate avatars of its users. The Lensa effect The Lensa app, an image editing app that has existed for some time, has launched a feature called Magic…
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Delphi in the Galileo Project in Brazil

The first class formed by Tech4Me’s Galileo Project also ended their journey with knowledge in Delphi. What is Project Galileo? The Galileo Project is a Tech4Me initiative that aims to transform the lives of young people from simpler backgrounds through technological education. The proposal is that in 6 months these young people can have the necessary knowledge to enter the job market…
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And Delphi, huh?

That was the theme of a live I watched… “And Delphi, huh???” For those who follow the evolution of the tool over the years, especially since Embarcadero, everything that has happened is very clear. But for those who are not part of this group, the question is…
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Delphi University makes a year

A year ago, we launched the Delphi University project here in Brazil. And yesterday, 13/04/2021, it was a day to celebrate the success of the project. The idea of ​​live and the call The day started and at around 10 am I remembered that I was completing exactly one year…