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And Delphi, huh?

E o Delphi heim

That was the theme of a live I watched… “And Delphi, huh???”

For those who follow the evolution of the tool over the years, especially since Embarcadero, everything that has happened is very clear. But for those who are not part of this group, the question is extremely pertinent.


I became an admirer

It was through a live that I got to know, I immediately became an admirer of the creator of the stream André Baltieri , or simply Balta as he is called.

You who do not know, and I open space here to say that I did not know, and still do not know personally, Balta has been a Microsoft MVP for 9 times in recent years, has a long journey in his development career and through his work on the Balta portal . io has trained more than 20,000 programmers who somehow consumed some of his courses.

Access the original post (in Portuguese)

The live was in Portuguese, with an audience of over 300 people participating online.

To learn more, follow the link to the original post on my site:

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