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How I Risked My Professional Career And Won

A heart-warming article today from Delphi developer Matthew Kenneth Bieschke. Matt takes us through his early days working hard at a job which he enjoyed but felt ultimately unfulfilling. He describes how he quite literally stumbled upon Delphi as he was stacking the software sales shelves of a retail store. It was the beginning of a love affair with our favorite ide software which is still going…
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The Story Of The $800 Million Dollar Bug Report

Not many people see Windows development as a high-octane, nerve-fraying, roller-coaster ride. It’s fair to say we software developers are also not known for our thrill-seeking behavior, often leaning towards basking in the warm, safe, comfortable glow of an array of screens, and clicky keyboards. Occasionally the bugs we inadvertently create can lead to awkward conversations at best and yes…
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What is Stable Diffusion And Generative Art?

Are you curious about the powerful process of Stable Diffusion and how it can impact your development projects? If so, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll explain what Stable Diffusion is and explore its advantages for developers. We’ll also highlight some of the ways that leveraging this process can help make your Windows and cross-platform projects more successful. So, get…
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Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest

Are you a developer or creative looking for an exciting new challenge that will not only push the boundaries of technology but also possibly win you up to $500 in prizes? If so, the Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest is precisely what you’re looking…
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How This Motorcycle Hazard Reporting Monitoring Tool Was Made

Today’s article is from Delphi developer Alessandro Negri. Alessandro talks us through his company’s development of a potentially life-saving reporting tool which links to a system that helps visualize hazards for motorcyclists. Alessandro describes what made them decide to step away from other programming solutions and choose Delphi for the project. He also explains why the success of…
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