Unlocking the Power of SDXL Inpainting: The Future of Image Editing?

Have you ever thought about changing a portion of a photo but didn’t have the drawing skills to make it look natural? Or perhaps you’ve just wished that tech-savvy fairy godmother would pop out and do the magic for you! Welcome to the world of SDXL Inpainting in Windows development, where image editing meets the sophistication of artificial intelligence. In this post we will talk about…
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Harness The Power Of AI With CodeDroidAI For Delphi

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, automation tools that increase efficiency have always been a golden grail. And with the rise of powerful AI models like ChatGPT, Llama 2, and Vicuna-13b, the dream of instant code generation and form creation is close to reality. CodeDroidAI is desktop client for Delphi and C++Builder developers that allows you to generate Object Pascal and…
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DelphiRAD Studio

A Powerful Delphi Tool for Objective-C to Delphi Code Translation

We’re very lucky here at Embarcadero to have a whole team of extremely talented MVPs and Tech Partners who both champion our products as enthusiastic highly skilled users but also contribute towards the power of RAD Studio with Delphi and C++ with tools, components, and services of their own. A while back we asked our MVPs if they had any interesting open-source projects or ideas they…
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Developing Windows Services in Windows 11: Best Practices and Tools

When you develop Windows software you come across the need for some kinds of applications need to be run for 24 hours or, in fact, continually while the computer is running. Usually, the computers in question are network servers or monitoring applications on desktop machines. In these cases, you might think about creating a console application which has a either a minimal amount of interaction or…
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