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RADoween: Full-Stack Web App Development with Delphi and TMS

Up and running from concept to launch in just five days On October 14, Atanas emailed Bruno with an idea for a TMS WEB Core-powered web app to run our internal partner Halloween costume contest. The goal was for a simple web page where team members could submit pictures of their Halloween costumes, and then everyone could vote on their favorites. Oh, and we needed it ASAP so we would have…
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Gain A Python Performance Revolution With Delphi

According to TIOBE Python has overtaken Java and is most likely to overtake C in the near future. Python is the most searched language according to PYPL Index. There are some advantages to using Python for this popularity. Here are some advantages: Python is easy to read, learn and write.Improved productivity due to its simplicity.Effectively executes the code sequentially line by line which…
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Everything You Need To Modernize With RAD Server

In the modern age, isn’t it true to say we are completely surrounded and immersed in the technology of diverse forms? Much of it now is entirely cloud-based, but there’s still a substantial proportion that employs a mix of both cloud and more physical hardware computing resources. However, the common thread among all of these technologies, even the most recent ones, is the certainty of…
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How To Create A Super-Fast Pusher Notification App

In this article, you’ll learn what is Pusher API, its specifications, Public & Private Channel of Pusher, integrating Pusher to your IDE Software, connecting pusher network with TsgcWSAPI_Pusher component of ESEGECE, and many more. What is Pusher ? Pusher is a set of bidirectional APIs targeted at real-time communication. The main use cases for those APIs are : Real time charts…
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