Low Code App Wizard for Delphi

Low code app development is increasingly popular today, and for good reason: it speaks to the demand for software paired with the difficulty of creating it. In many ways, Delphi led the low code revolution: RAD, where you build software by connecting components in a visual designer, is low code. The key with many low code solutions is extensibility: low code which cannot be extended to a…
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Have You Made Your Application Server HTTP/2 Ready?

In early 2015, HTTP/2 was introduced as the new standard by IESG. This standard makes your application faster, simpler, and more robust. In this article we take you through the differences between HTTP/1 and HTTP/2, the benefits and some key terms. Why should I use HTTP/2? Converting from using HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 brings the following benefits: HTTP/2 reduces latency by enabling full…
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Powerful Advanced Scientific Computing - it's easy!

What is Scientific Computing? According to Golub and Ortega in 1992, Scientific Computing is the collection of tools, techniques, and theories required to solve mathematical models of problems in Science and Engineering. A majority of these tools, techniques, and theories are originally developed in Mathematics, which are many of them having their genesis long before the advent of electronic…
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Photomate Automation Supercharges Your Inventory Workflow

The workflow behind the selling and buying of vehicle parts is convoluted and tricky to navigate. It typically involves lots of photos of metallic objects so that the buyer – or seller – can more easily identify whether or not the part is the right one. Photomate works in conjunction with the website and their Checkmate inventory management system to ease the process of…
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