Protect Your App With This Free Anti-Hacking Tool In 2021

Hackers around the world are using advanced tools to abuse your source code They can extract sensitive information from your application and cause major financial damage. So, it can be very important to obfuscate your Delphi program. It will make the code very difficult to analyze for the hackers. So, they can’t abuse or add malicious functions to your application. In this post, you will find…
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How To Use A C++ DLL In Any Delphi Program

There is a glorious wealth of useful C++ libraries available on the internet. We have featured many great uses of C++ here on this blog too. C++ is typically extremely high performance. If we can have the source code of the C++ library, we can create a package which will…
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Welcome to the future of software development, again

I have some good news for you, the future of software development has arrived! Well, to be precise, the next possible big thing in the future of software development is here… again. Works anywhere, just add RAM I have this mental block about the name Electron. I’m not entirely sure why it is but whenever I try to remember the name of this ubiquitous web framework my little gray cells…
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How to Use Azure Cognitive Services

It’s been around 6 years since I last wrote about the Azure Translator Services. Since 2015, the API has been updated from XML to JSON and re-organised under the Cognitive Services branding. Additionally, functionality has been broken down into different resources to help control access and provide increased flexibility around service delivery and billing. This week, I’ve updated the…
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How To Validate And Lookup Global Phone Numbers In Your Apps

NumVerify is a full-fledged and powerful RESTful web service that allows global number validation and lookup service in more than 230 countries around the globe. It offers a simple RESTful JSON API endpoint that you can send and receive correct information about a phone number. NumVerify API sends handy JSON formatted data about the carrier, geographical location, line type, and more in…
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