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How To Create A Real Android App Step By Step Guide

How To Create A Real Android App Step By Step Guide

Hello developers. I hope you are keeping safe and well. Our next session in our Winter Webinars series was extremely popular. During the session I showed how to use RAD Studio 12 to create multi-platform apps to target Android devices. I took viewers through the steps necessary to make an Android device work – and we even had one developer watching who had been previously unable to get their Samsung Galaxy device to connect properly and, using the instructions in the webinar managed to solve the problem and now he’s ready to create his own apps for Android with RAD Studio 12 and Delphi.

I do try to pre-record all my demo sessions because I believe this gives me the best chance of answering questions more fully but once again the deities of software development had other plans and threw up some urgent issues in my ‘day job’ which needed me to tweak some dials and meant I presented this session completely live too. I did say I am a ‘real developer’ and get up every day and write code! 🤪

Anyway, here’s the full replay including the questions and answers. If you watch on YouTube please hit the “like” and “subscribe” buttons to make sure you get notifications of all the videos in the Winter Webinar series. Hitting “like” and “subscribe” on YouTube will not add you to any mailing lists from Embarcadero – the only effect is for YouTube to send you a notification the next time we upload a new webinar or start a live broadcast.

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…and, of course, last week’s webinar: What Can You Do With RAD Studio 12? Webinar

Where can I see the replay of the “How to create a real Android App step by step guide” webinar?

You can view “How to create a real Android App step by step guide” on here:

Where can I get the slides for the “How to create a real Android App step by step guide”?

Here are all the slides for “How to create a real Android App step by step guide”.

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