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Create Robust Enterprise-Grade Windows Applications With The Enterprise Connectors For Delphi

Rapidly create and deploy powerful Delphi & C++ Builder Apps with native and feature-rich high-performance Data Access Components. What can you do with these components? Create Big Data & NoSQL Applications with Delphi/C++ BuilderGet Access to Marketing tools and social media services easilyImplement Collaboration tools in your Delphi and C++ Builder applicationsUtilize CRM & ERP…
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Combine Front End, Back End, And Business Logic In Modern Full-Stack Development With Delphi

Many application developers are building a web version of their services to get more users. For instance, you do not always have the same phone or same laptop to utilize the application, if the application has a web version everything is done. In this webinar, you can see what is new with TMS Software and how you can use their full range of components to modernize your Windows 10…
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