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6 Easy Ways to Connect to the Top Databases You Should Know

The processing of data is the soul of computing. Almost every single computer ever invented was designed so that human beings could take information in the form of data and manipulate it in one way or another, either through visualizations or use it in other ways to make decisions about our lives, work, and future. If data processing is the soul, then the pieces of data itself are the bones we…
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[Webinar] InterBase Databases

Presenter(s): Stephen Ball, Embarcadero Pre-sales Director Lots of people are going with Microsoft SQL Server for their projects, but this can easily be an expensive solution. Have you considered building your next application around InterBase? Join this webinar to learn…

Whitepaper: Enterprise Data on Mobile: Top 5 Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Many businesses today are looking to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their business processes and expand opportunity by using apps on mobile devices. While this is positive, organizations must manage the initiative correctly to minimize risk of failure, as getting it wrong can cost much more than just the initial budget allocated for the project; in both time and money, it can…
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InterBase ADO.NET Webinar Replay

I was recently joined by Stephen, Sriram and Marco for a webinar on the release of our updated ADO.NET drivers for InterBase. (Recording below) The ADO.NET driver has both 32 and 64 bit support for InterBase and integration with DDEX and Entity Framework 6, giving you full customization and control over your development with InterBase and Visual Studio. InterBase server runs on Linux and Windows…
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Connecting Databases with FireDAC through SSH

A customer recently inquired whether FireDAC could be used to connect to a database via an SSH tunnel. Of course, the short answer is yes. But first, let’s define an SSH tunnel and how it can be easily accomplished with Delphi and FireDAC. SSH Tunnels Secure Shell (ssh) is a standard tool that comes with most “network” operating systems, such as Windows. Linux, UNIX, macOS, and…
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