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Quickly And Easily Build A REST Based Notes App With RAD Server In Delphi And C++

EMS.NotesResource Sample is a server-client EMS demo. It requires InterBase to be installed on the machine or to connect to a remote server. Make sure that the server is running before you run the sample. InterBase is used to store the information with the server connections. Use theRAD Server Consoleto display the statistics. The first part consists of creating an EMS Package…
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Newcomer's Perspective - FireDAC and SQLite

FireDAC is Embarcadero’s library for universal data access – connection to just about any database protocol you can find. It abstracts the protocol-level details and presents a common interface so developers can build their applications to be database agnostic…
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Learn About Executing Local SQL Queries Within Your Delphi Apps Using FireDAC

The FireDAC.TFDLocalSQL MegaFMX sample is divided in three tabs where each tab demonstrates single Local SQL usage case. Each tab has dedicated SQLite in-memory connection established using theTFDConnectionwith only single parameterDriverID=SQLite. When noDatabaseparameter value is specified then FireDAC SQLite driver opens an in-memory connection. It will be used…
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Learn How to Utilize User Defined Functions In InterBase Efficiently

UDF is a User Defined Functions in InterBase. They are similar to stored procedures. The difference is that instead of writing stuff in SQL and execute it in the database, we are loading functionality from DLLs. In this CodeRage session, you will learn how to create User Defined Functions in InterBase. Why you should use UDFs? Can perform functions that are not normally…
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