5 Aqua Data Studio features for an Application Developer

Data has become one of the most important aspects to any company.  As databases evolve to support big(ger) data, highly available web applications, and deal with more complex levels of business logic, the applications that represent the user interface and business logic of this change have become more challenging. For many application developers, we don’t just write application code. We spend a…
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Easily Learn To Store Data In A Nested Dataset using FireDAC With FireDAC.TFDMemTable.NestedDataSet Sample

TheNestedDataSetsample shows you how to set anested datasetin a dataset field. Location You can find theNestedDataSetsample project at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney | Samplesand then navigate to – Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Samples\Comp Layer\TFDMemTable\NestedDataSetSubversion Repository – You can find Delphi…
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Easy Access to MS Access Databases with Delphi and C++ Builder Components

If you need to work with Microsoft Access databases in your application then you can use the Data Access Objects (DAO) library from WINSOFT: Component list The DAO library contains the following components: TDAODatabase, TDAODataSet, TDAOTable, TDAOQuery, TDAOUpdateSQL Examples // Create a new database uses DAO, DAODS; GetDBEngine.CreateDatabase('C:\database.mdb', dbLangGeneral…
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Easy Access Development Using Winsoft's Adonis

Access (“MS-Access”) is a popular desktop database for Microsoft Windows. It ranks among the top-10 databases on DB-Engines, and widely used in many Fortune-500 companies. Vendors, such as Hallam-ICS and QNE (Malaysia, Philippines) create business applications that use back-end Microsoft Access. Winsoft Adonis is a component library for accessing databases which support the ADO programming…
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