Embarcadero MVP Cary Jensen Teaches You How To Build Blazingly Fast Database Apps With FireDAC

Watch FireDAC guru Cary Jensen for this information-packed presentation that shows you how to build world-class database applications using FireDAC. If you are a database developer using RAD Studio, this is one presentation that you cannot miss. Overview Review of the RAD Studio data access and the TDataSet interfaceOverview of FireDAC and its capabilitiesFireDAC and configurationFireDAC…
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Learn How To Quickly Build A Key Value Store With SQLite In This Delphi FireDAC.SQLiteIniFile Sample App

Working with INI file becomes common in many Mobile, IoT, Desktop Applications. How about connecting SQLite database to Read/write to an INI file in Delphi/C++ Builder applications? This can be done easily with help of FireDAC.SQLiteIniFile Sample app. FireDAC.SQLiteIniFile Sample usesFireDACto connect to anSQLitedatabase that emulates the structure and the operations…
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