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Learn How to Use The MQTT Protocol in Delphi With This Library

MQTT stands for MQ Telemetry Transport and it is a specification for a publish-subscribe protocol for communication between devices. When we are talking about Lightweight and Efficient, MQTT Protocol is a very good example. MQTT clients are very small, require minimal resources so can be used on small microcontrollers. MQTT message headers are small to optimize network bandwidth. Another…
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FireDAC Tip: Write Database Independent SQL Commands With Escape Functions

Escape sequences allow for writing DBMS-independent SQL commands. The sample predefines some escape function sequences. To execute a predefined escape function, right-click the Function edit box and choose a predefined escape function from the popup menu. Moreover, the sample allows you to write your own function. To this end, write text into the Function edit box and press Enter. Then, the…
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Quickly Define Powerful Client-Side Aggregating Formulas With FireDAC Using TFDQuery In Delphi

This sample demonstrates how to define the client-side aggregating formulas with TFDQuery. You can find out more about aggregated fields and values in the Embarcadero DocWiki. The fkAggregate aggregated fields management is similar to the expression calculated fields management. FireDAC calculates aggregated fields when TFDDataSet.AggregatesActive is set to True (by default, its value is…
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