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Quickly Build A Drawer With The TMultiView Component For Android And iOS Apps Using FireMonkey In Delphi

The MultiViewDemo sample demonstrates how to build an application that implements the “master-detail” interface and how to use the master panel presentation modes. In this post, we’ll show a sample that allows you to change the master panel characteristics, such as mode, placement, sliding mode, shadow properties, etc, with the help and use of Windows App Development Tools.
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Quickly Set Up Flexible Master-Detail Relationships Between Datasets In Delphi Apps

The sample uses the master-detail relationship to automatically filter a detail dataset based on a current master dataset record. In this sample, the master dataset has “Order” records, and the detail dataset shows only lines for the current order. Moreover, the sample uses theModeproperty ofTFDFetchOptionsto control how the result set records must be fetched…
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