Published! - Discovering the BEST Developer Framework through Benchmarking

Just in time for Christmas, we’re making good on our promise to bring you a new white paper – Developing the BEST Developer Framework through Benchmarking. This paper examines three frameworks – Delphi, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with .NET Framework, and Electron – using a 23-metric weighted evaluation to determine which offers the best developer productivity…
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Delphi at the University - DelphiCon 2020

Are you a teacher, educator, or parent of a child interested in programming? Are you looking for a simple but powerful language and student-friendly integrated development environment? With it’s combination of full-language features, simple syntax, and visual drag-and-drop development, Delphi rocks its competition. Still unsure? Let Victory Fernandes, a former mathematics and computer…
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Leveraging High DPI with Ray Konopka - DelphiCon 2020

Have you ever accessed a website on your mobile device and found that it was formatted for desktop and nearly unreadable on a 5″ screen?  Similar problems occur for users running high-DPI screens. As 4K screens proliferate and the consumer pressure for 8K grows…
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Newcomer's Perspective - FireDAC and SQLite

FireDAC is Embarcadero’s library for universal data access – connection to just about any database protocol you can find. It abstracts the protocol-level details and presents a common interface so developers can build their applications to be database agnostic…

Buster's Introduction

Hello, world. I’m Buster (Adam Leone), a new member of the Embarcadero team as a software development intern. I’m primarily working with Jim McKeeth and will be focused on refreshing my stale college-era programming skills, learning the range of Embarcadero tools, and pivoting my military project management experience into the tech world. Expect to see me periodically blogging about…
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