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Delphi at the University – DelphiCon 2020

delphicon 2020 victory fernandes

Are you a teacher, educator, or parent of a child interested in programming?  Are you looking for a simple but powerful language and student-friendly integrated development environment? With it’s combination of full-language features, simple syntax, and visual drag-and-drop development, Delphi rocks its competition. Still unsure? Let Victory Fernandes, a former mathematics and computer science professor at Brazil’s Unifacs University, walk you through the benefits of Delphi in education in his talk Delphi at the University – Insights for Students and Teachers. This presentation and Q&A session is free of charge and bundled with nine other talks and four panels by industry professionals.  Sign up now by clicking the “Save my seat” button at delphicon.embarcadero.com.

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