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Published! – Discovering the BEST Developer Framework through Benchmarking

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Just in time for Christmas, we’re making good on our promise to bring you a new white paper – Developing the BEST Developer Framework through Benchmarking. This paper examines three frameworks – Delphi, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with .NET Framework, and Electron – using a 23-metric weighted evaluation to determine which offers the best developer productivity, business functionality, application flexibility, and product performance. This first round chose a Windows 10 calculator clone as the benchmark to examine each framework’s ability to re-create a known GUI and target the Windows desktop environment.

calculator scored evaluation table 2

Figure 1 – Scored Weighed Evaluation Schema

Our results are likely unsurprising to Delphi developers – Delphi VCL and FMX blew the competition out of the water, scoring 4.66 points out of 5. Electron was a distant second with 3.11 points and WPF took last place. Scores aside, the qualitative and quantitative analysis provides a few conclusions:

  1. Delphi and its RAD Studio IDE profoundly enhance development productivity and product time-to-market. Not only that, developing one codebase to reach every desktop and mobile platform simplifies successive releases and product maintenance.
  2. WPF with the .NET Framework offers small teams native entry to Windows applications and a solid IDE but struggles to match Delphi’s productivity, IP security, and performance while also missing Delphi and Electron’s cross-platform features. 
  3. Electron offers a free alternative to Delphi and WPF, familiarity to front-end developers, and cross-platform capability at the cost of IP protection, standard IDE tooling, and application performance.
delphi wpf electron 4 metric chart

Figure 2 – 4-category Delphi, WPF, and Electron Comparison

You can download this paper for free by visiting lp.embarcadero.com/Discovering_the_best_framework, entering your email address, and following a link sent to your inbox.

Community Feedback

This paper is meant to start a conversation! The entire source-code for this project is available on GitHub for you to examine and improve. Read the paper, write a blog post in response or a better calculator application, and submit a GitHub pull request so we can add it to the repository. Found an error? Submit an issue so we can improve this project and collect best-practices and techniques for each framework. None of us is as smart as all of us!

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