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Journaling for Disaster Recovery in InterBase

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Ensuring that your data can be recovered with minimum downtime and that it won’t be completely lost up to a specific point-in-time can be hugely beneficial in planning a DRP.

With InterBase’s ease of use and powerful engine, we sometimes forget how important it is to have a plan for our database in the event of a power outage, database corruption, or really anything that can affect the normal operations of our databases.

Taking advantage of Journaling and Journal Archiving in InterBase is one of the easier ways to work towards protecting your database. The setup and allocation is extremely easy and lets you move the archived files off the machine, ready to start up when a server has crashed.

Check out this video where I explain how to setup your journals and journal archives for disaster recovery

Check out the docwiki for more information on Journals, Journal Files, and Journal Archives

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