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This Is How To Protect Your Source Code from Hackers

Delphi Code Obfuscator Protect Your Source Code from Hackers

Nowadays, hackers are using all sorts of advanced tools and technologies to access and analyze your source code. They can extract sensitive information and add malicious code to your IDE Software. Furthermore, if your application is compromised and hosts malicious code, then at best your reputation with your users is severely diminished and at worst you might even find yourself at the end of a legal suit for reparation or damages. So, it’s very important to find an effective way to protect your program. By using the code obfuscator, you can make your Delphi codes very hard to read. As a result, attackers cannot abuse your application easily. In this post, you will find all the details of securing your source code with the Delphi code obfuscator.

Protecting your code through obfuscation. What is code obfuscation?

Code Obfuscation refers to the process of modifying source code to make it harder to read. So, hackers cannot comprehend the code and abuse your application. Code Obfuscation enables you to transform the existing code into another version, which is semantically the same but syntactically different. As a result, you still get the same output. However, the implementation is quite different from the original one.

Why should you obfuscate your Delphi or C++ code?

  • Protect intellectual property or trade secrets
  • Prevent hackers or competitors from reverse engineering your program
  • Conceal the logic or implicit values used in the program
  • Making best efforts to protect your investment which can be a requirement of insurance cover

What is the best code obfuscator?

Right now, in my opinion, the CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator seems to be the best option. It generates and inserts random code into your Delphi source code with predefined customization options. It helps you to protect your application from reverse engineering and modifications.

This Is How To Protect Your Source Code from Hackers
A screenshot from part of CodeMorph’s website

How the CodeMorph Code Obfuscator Protects Your Source Code

CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator adds extra obfuscation code to your program. As a result, it becomes difficult to read. The theory is that, with sufficient added complexity. the hackers will face a very tough time modifying your source code. It’s not impossible but it does make the task onerous and error-prone which might be enough to deter all but the most dedicated and skilled reverse engineering mavens.

Let’s take a look at an example of code before code obfuscation.

The code is easy to comprehend. There are several if-else statements, along with a simple while loop. This kind of simple code can be reverse-engineered easily. But once you use the CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator, the code becomes quite difficult to comprehend. Take a look at it:

Here is an example of the same code after obfuscation

As you can see, the whole structure has been changed. It looks quite different from the original one. CodeMorph Delhi Code Obsfucator has inserted junk instructions into the source code. It has hidden the execution logic of the program. So, it will be quite difficult for hackers to understand and alter the code. In this way, the obfuscator enables you to protect your source code from attackers effectively.

Should I consider using CodeMorph Code Obfuscator?

CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator generates and inserts junk code into your program randomly. As a result, it becomes very difficult for the attackers to reverse-engineer the code that you have produced. You can keep your Delphi application safe from security threats. If you’re looking to make it harder for illicit outfits to reverse engineer and examine how your code works then I think you might want to seriously consider taking a look at CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator.

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