InterBaseRAD Studio

How To Deploy RAD Server With An InterBase DB To Docker

Docker enables you to simplify the deployment process effectively. It allows you to quickly deploy and scale applications into any environment. It is widely being used by development teams around the world. In this blog post, you will get an overview of docker deployment using RAD Server Engine, InterBase database, and PAServer. Let’s dive in. What is Docker? Docker is a tool that enables…
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You Need To Protect Your C++ Programs From Hackers

Nowadays, malicious programmers are utilizing modern technologies to bypass licensing and anti-copying mechanisms which can hit your revenue. It’s also common for hackers to try to breach steps you might have taken to protect and encrypt sensitive user data to steal it, possibly for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or blackmail. Breaches such as these can cause major financial…
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The Future of Startups Demands Massive Productivity

Productivity means getting as much done as possible in a given amount of time. Startups place a high value on this. You don’t want your software developers to be involved in time-consuming design and coding in order to complete the task. To secure the future of your startup, your team requires a massive productivity boost from IDE software. But how can you improve it? You can find all of the…
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