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Ignore Changes with Custom Managed Records

Handling the OnChange event handler on a TEdit is great until you programmatically change the text and trigger your OnChange event handler again. It gets really fun if you have two TEdit boxes that update each other in their OnChange event handler. I was reading Automate Restorable Operations with Custom Managed Records by Erik van Bilsen over on Griggy’s Blog and I had a great idea 💡 to…
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What's New in the GetIt Package Manager - June 2020

GetIt Newsletter – June 2020 Edition RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney is out now, and with that comes a host of new and updated content from the GetIt Package Manager. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what’s hot from GetIt. Featured Package for 10.4…

Embarcadero Open Source Project Sponsorship

Open source is a very important part of software development. As a creator of developer tools that makes open source important to us too. There is a huge variety of open source projects created with Delphi and C++Builder, both for the benefit of our developer community, and…

Aircraft Tracking Dashboard - Cool Apps Selection

The Cool Apps awards are not just for consumer applications, they are also awarded when someone uses Delphi to help them do really cool things, and today’s selection is one of those. Today, we’re featuring a Balloon-based Aircraft Tracker from David Akerman. David had the idea to track the ADS-B transponder signals that aircraft use to transmit their location. He then went a step further…
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Adopting the OpenJDK for Delphi Android Development

You may not know this, but Java comes in many flavors and parts. After Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, they became the official owner of the Java trademark and the main “official” Java distributions. First off a disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, nor am I a Java…

Beyond Compare - Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is Beyond Compare, from Scooter Software. Beyond Compare is a data management utility that allows users to compare and reconcile documents, files, folders, and even whole system drives quickly and easily. It’s a deeply useful resource…

CEF32 Emulator Framework - Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is CEF32 Emulator Framework, from Alan Conroy. CEF32 is a framework that allows users to emulate hardware configurations, and create their own emulators as well. Delphi and the VCL were key to its development, and Alan did a great job with the…

Unicode Finder - Embarcadero Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is Unicode Finder, from SAGT3K. As the name suggests, Unicode Finder is a utility that allows you to explore the Unicode database to find characters, symbols, and emojis to use in text settings. It was developed in RAD Studio using Delphi and…

CamSextant - Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is CamSextant, by Omar Reis. CamSextant is an application that allows users to identify and track astronomical objects in real time. It’s the first time we’ve featured an augmented reality application in this series, and I am extremely excited to do so. CamSextant was developed in Delphi using Embarcadero’s FireMonkey multi-device tools, and has several cool…
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