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Announcing the Desktop First UX Summit 2021

Desktop First UX Summit 2021

Are your applications ready for the upcoming release of Windows 11? Find out at the annual Desktop First UX Summit sponsored by Embarcadero’s RAD Studio.

Don’t be stuck on mobile or locked to the web. Great software is built on the desktop! The Desktop First UX Summit focuses on the quality of the user experience for desktop users, where business happens. Once you have a strong foundation on the desktop, it is easy to expand your reach to other platforms.

The digital Desktop First UX Summit brings together the brightest minds in UX for panel discussions and webinars around desktop UX. The perfect mix of practical content on using your favorite development tools, combined with general theory on effective User Interface Design and good User Experience.

This exceptional digital event will stream online from Monday, August 30th, to Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Sessions include:

  • Fluent Design and Windows 11 with Microsoft Fluent UI Product Managers Simone Magurno & Chigusa Sansen
  • The Evolution of the IDE with Embarcadero Product Manager, David Millington
  • How Tab Controls Ruin Desktop UX with Ray Konopka
  • Early Preview of RAD Studio 11 with Embarcadero Product Manager, Marco Cantu

There are a number of live panels planned, so register for free and reserve your seat now!

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