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Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year

why you should write less code this year
Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year a screenful of code

It is essential to recognize when not to write code. We developers comprehend, when the code increases in a project, things lead to getting more dangerous. If you crave to restrict your code from becoming more acute, to atrophy, it requires to be maintained most of the time.

I enjoy coding. When I write code, I feel as if I’m writing a novel. However, most software development is a business, and adding value to the product is critical. Furthermore, when you need a large number of changes in your codebase, a lot of inconvenient lines of code appear at the same time. but with IDE software, everything can be accomplished with less code.

Why less code is best code?

We do spend most of our time coming up with the most performant line of code. And it can lead to writing more code that cuts the readability of your code. If you are working in a large codebase, of course, other developers read your code.

Writing less code for large projects is safer, and it leaves more limited room for errors. This makes it easier for maintenance, and programmers spend less time reading thousands of lines of code.

But there are always “but”s. For instance, writing more readable code can lead to writing more code. Or, overengineering leads to complications in the source code. Or, creating several layers of complex abstractions to solve one little problem. But again, if that feature is implemented in several points having a good and solid abstraction is a good practice.

Overall, your code must be as extensive as it needs to be. Because it should be understood by others.  

How you write less code?

Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year developers sitting around talking about not writing too much code

Always understand the purpose of the software that you are developing. Adding shiny features and creating overly complex changes takes time and makes you write more code. Always think about the purpose of the software! Why it is built? Who are the users? Who is using the software?

Giving these questions before introducing something new into the codebase can help to write less code. Following this pattern will save you time or making silly changes in your source code or polluting the entire project.

How to write less code with Delphi

Well, I always loved the idea of dragging and dropping the components to the form and configuring them swiftly. Usually, you spend less time, and you can be productive with Delphi or C++ Builder.

There are hundreds of components available to use in the RAD Studio component palette. From simple UI controls to Data Access components, cloud-aware components, 2D-3D shapes with animations, extensive REST Client components, and more.

Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year something beautiful

You can create fully responsive designs with resolution-aware components for desktops, tablets, and smartphones in no time with Visual Component Library or FireMonkey framework.

How do I make non-data-aware components data-aware?

Since the introduction of the LiveBindings for C++ Builder and Delphi, we have dramatically improved the productivity of building cross-platform applications. LiveBindings Designer and LiveBindings Wizard let you configure connections between different sources in several steps. 

Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year live bindings

For instance, check out this brief demonstration on building apps with C++ Builder and the simple use case of LiveBindings Designer with the real sample.

Learn more about LiveBindings Designer here: docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/LiveBindings_Designer

How can we extend development tools and components?

There are more than 200 components and libraries available in the GetIt Package Manager. With these components, you can increase your productivity several times. 

For instance, with the Internet of Things component set, you can connect over 50 various devices by writing less code. 

Check out the GetIt portal to learn about powerful components and libraries: getitnow.embarcadero.com

There is more interesting stuff available in the RAD Studio environment for developers. One of them is the FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard.

What is the FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard?

Low code development platforms are getting popular today. You can create business-related data and cloud-aware applications without writing any code for example. 

We believe that, in many ways, Delphi led the low code revolution where you build software by connecting components in a visual designer which is low code.

But if you compare other low code development platforms with Delphi FireMonkey, you can see a huge advantage on the Delphi side. Because Delphi offers you to do as much customization in your project. It means you can do more!

FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard – is a new low code development wizard. It lets you create new fully-functional Delphi FireMonkey applications with multiple screens. Once built, the app is easy to modify and demonstrated best coding practices.

Learn more about the FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard

Click here to download the FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard now!


As you can see, creating and building cross-platform applications with Delphi is tremendously fast and productive. You can start building Delphi FireMonkey applications with the latest Delphi Community Edition today!

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