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Announcing DelphiCon 2021!

delphicon 2021 featured

Delphi 11 Alexandria is taking software development to whole new levels, and DelphiCon 2021 is the best way to learn all about your favorite programming language. Sessions are planned around the latest features, as well as general best practices, and emerging technologies that apply to all versions. There are also sessions on integrations with other languages (C++, Python, etc.) and platforms.

DelphiCon 2021 is a free online conference the week of November 15th, 2021. It is the official worldwide Delphi conference!

If you registered for DelphiCon 2020 last year then we have saved you the trouble of registering again. So if the DelphiCon 2021 website says you are already registered, then you are ready to go! Stay tuned as we announce more session details.

Planned Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Best Practices, Productivity, APIs, Graphics and Design, Integrations, Tools, Components, Libraries, Windows 11, Low Code, Android, iOS, Linux, and Blockchain.

We are in the process of working with MVPs, Technology Partners, internal Embarcadero experts, and industry leaders to build a line-up like no other. Beyond the traditional sessions, there are interactive sessions planned – a chance for you to try new things with immediate feedback. I’d also love to hear from you: What sessions or content would you like to see at DelphiCon 2021? Leave a comment and let me know.


  • Will I have to pay to attend DelphiCon2021? ➡️ No, DelphiCon2021 is completely free!
  • What about C++Builder? ➡️ We will look at a C++ specific event during the first part of next year.
  • Will there be replays? ➡️ Sometimes it takes a while to get all the replays online, but you unfortunately miss the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.
  • Is the content in English? ➡️ All content will be in English, but we are looking at options to make the content more accessible to all attendees.
  • Do I need to install Delphi 11 first? ➡️ It isn’t required, but it is highly recommended.
  • Will the content cover Delphi (Insert random version number)? ➡️ Some of the content will be applicable to all Delphi developers, but you increase the odds of things being compatible by being on a recent version.
  • Can I speak at DelphiCon 2021? ➡️ We are currently soliciting sessions from MVPs and Technology Partners, but we are curious to cover a large variety of topics. Leave a comment and let us know what you have in mind.
  • Who is speaking at DelphiCon 2021? ➡️ Close your eyes and imagine the best speakers with the best sessions. That is our goal. Leave a comment with your suggestions and reach out to your dream speakers and encourage them to speak!

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