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The Story Of The $800 Million Dollar Bug Report

Not many people see Windows development as a high-octane, nerve-fraying, roller-coaster ride. It’s fair to say we software developers are also not known for our thrill-seeking behavior, often leaning towards basking in the warm, safe, comfortable glow of an array of screens, and clicky keyboards. Occasionally the bugs we inadvertently create can lead to awkward conversations at best and yes…
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Why A Data Scientist Chooses Delphi For Powerful Real World Visualizations

This article today is from data scientist and Delphi developer Max Kleiner. Max is the author of the MaXbox which Max’s site describes as “a precompiled object based scripting tool”. Max describes his use of RAD Studio with Delphi to develop Windows software and how he uses JSON objects from HTTP requests to visualize aggregated gas storage inventory data into graphs and…
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Enterprise Software Development Article Challenge

Are you excited to take part in the Enterprise Article Showcase Challenge by Embarcadero? Here is your chance to make some money and share your valuable experience at the same time! For this contest we would like contestants to submit a 1000+ word article that shares their experience with RAD Studio – Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Server, and/or InterBase – in an enterprise setting. We know…
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Made With Delphi: This Powerful Load Shedding Schedule App

This beautifully designed and engineered app makes the IDE Software: Delphi FireMonkey FMX platform’s superb cross-platform capabilities available on mobile devices running Android or iOS. Delphi keeps South Africans forewarned of potential electrical outages Eskom is a South African public utility supplying both commercial premises and regular consumers with electricity. At times of…
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