Data ETL: Adding Custom LiveBindings To Your Apps

In the recent Data ETL focused TCoffeeAndCode episode there was some excellent discussion around the use of FireDAC to extract and manipulate data in various ways. In this article, you’ll get through what Data ETL is, what is LiveBindings, using Live Bindings with an IDE software , using LiveBindings with custom binding expressions and many more. The replay, in case you missed it, the replay…
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Do All Your Windows Applications Look Like A Computer Virus?

OK, so you’ve written something brilliant, The Next Big Thing.  You’re taking a modern approach.  You’ve read up – or watched – our series on Fluent UI and maybe even applied a few visual things like the neo-skeuomorphism we learned about at the Desktop First conference.  Perhaps you’ve applied some VCL themes to your app and integrated the ability to detect Windows 10 dark…
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How To Make An Epic Dashboard Visualization For Windows, Mobile And The Web The Easy Way

Dashboards, graphical visualization of data, seem to be everywhere, especially in these pandemic times where daily and weekly trends take on a very personal significance. In this article, we are going to look at a beautiful dashboard that you can very easily customize to suit your own needs. Visualization is the art of making the useful, beautiful. There is only so far you can get with…
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