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DelphiCon 2023 – Every App Trick In The Book

DelphiCon 2023 Every App Trick In The Book

February is always a busy time for us at Embarcadero as we celebrate the birthday of our favorite programming language and IDE software! Today’s post accompanies the first of my four planned sessions for DelphiCon 2023.

The slides and images to go with it can be found here: https://github.com/checkdigits/Every_app_trick_in_the_book_-_Ian_Barker and they are also included at the end of this post as an image gallery. If you scroll down you can also see a replay of the full session too.

This webinar covers a lot of commonly asked questions such as OAUTH and specifically OAUTH2, as well running in an elevated session, getting your app to check for updates, where to store app data safely and other such nice but tidy little tips.

Do you want to know a secret?

I was given special permission to discuss one of the really exciting new features in the next planned release of RAD Studio. This the TBiometricAuth component. This component works on iOS and Android and makes it REALLY easy to authenticate your app’s users with either their fingerprint or through facial recognition. In the webinar I show you that’s it literally a couple of lines of code to add to your app to fully enable biometric logins. The safe harbor laws mean I need to emphasize that this is an 11.3 Malawi beta feature and that unreleased features are not committed until the GA release.

DelphiCon 2023 Every App Trick In The Book the TBiometricAuth component

There are a lot of great things about RAD Studio but I really like this new component. It’s going to be a game changer for cross-platform app developers on mobile platforms.

Is there a replay of the Every App Trick In The Book DelphiCon session?

Here is the full replay of the “Every App Trick In the Book” DelphiCon webinar.

Is there a gallery of the slides from the session?

Yes, there is. Note that some of the slides had animations on them – these animations will not show up in this blog gallery.

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