Investigate And Compile Powerful Linux Sample Apps In Delphi For Ubuntu

To continue our discussion of Linux development, let’s take a look at this incredible collection of sample projects available for download, which demonstrate some amazing functions that you can use on your Linux projects. First, let’s look at how to install the sample pack on Delphi using the GetIt tool. Open Delphi, go to menu Tools-> GetIt Package Manager, type FMXLinuxSample…
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Quickly Create Cloud Aware Delphi And C++ Builder Windows Apps With IPWorks Cloud Storage Library

Cloud Computing and cloud services are now in demand. You can see every new application or system using cloud technologies like Azure Files, Amazon S3, OneDrive, or DropBox. These services offer enterprise-grade and robust file-saving services. And you get easy-to-manage features on your data from these services. Delphi community has several open-source libraries related to these…
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