Investigate And Compile Powerful Linux Sample Apps In Delphi For Ubuntu

To follow up our current engagement with Linux development, let’s take a look on this incredible pack of sample projects available for download, to show some amazing functions that you can use on your Linux projects. First, let’s check out how to install the pack of sample using GetIt tool on Delphi. Open Delphi, go to menu Tools > GetIt Package Manager, type FMXLinuxSample, press…
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Quickly Work With A COMPort On Linux With Delphi Using A WINSOFT library

For you who works with COM Port Applications on linux, this is the most easy and fast way to connect, write and read info. Using  COMPORT for linux you can do it within literally few minutes, you just need to download the library and add it on your project, and this is it. First of all you need to prepare your linux machine to deploy your Console application from a Windows. On this example…
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