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Create Powerful Linux Applications Using Delphi And FMXLinux


The demand for Linux application is growing up year by year, this free and open source OS is more and more present on PCs nowadays, and for you who needs to supply this demand I present you guys FMXLinux (Embarcadero Software License) for Delphi, with this awesome component you can work on Delphi to develop amazing applications, this way you don’t need to learn another language and how to deal with a new IDE, simple and powerful this component will make your life easier and your applications wonderful and totally responsive.

To install it just open your Delphi, go to ‘Get It Package Manager’ and search for FMXLinux, select the package and click install, read and accept the terms of use.

Restart Delphi IDE and that’s it, you can start to develop and deploy your beautiful and powerful Linux applications.

Check out the full video below to understand how to make it happen step by step.

On this video I was using Oracle VM Virtual BOX to run Ubuntu, if you need help on how to configure and set up the Delphi Connection between the host and the VM checkout this post.

Click on this link to check the package specifications.

Hope you guys like it, looking forward to seeing what’s coming.

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