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Learn How Easy It Is To Implement Unit Testing In Your Delphi Windows Apps

In this video, you will learn how to implement a simple “Unit Testing” on your Application.

With this simple approach, you can check if the result is matching your expectations,  “Assert” values inside routines, and interact with GUI and non-GUI elements; using a simple loop you can generate several “users’ inputs”, to avoid any future problems on your code simulating all possible scenarios.

Using this native tool, you will save a lot of time that was being wasted on simulating a user on your application, increasing the time you spend coding, providing better use of time.

To implement it you just need to add a new project “Unit Testing” on you group project and map all the elements you want to test, after that just write functions that call these elements inserting values and performing operations, instead of compiling it and insert values manually, and let the code do it for you.

Check this out!

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