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Easy Serialization From Query To JSON


This is a set of features combined on a group of functions to help you work with JSON format, without had to write a bunch of classes and handles, perfect for people who work with integrated applications, such as web services host or client, or if your project requires NO SQL databases.

For now, it is compatible with Win32 and Win64 and from Delphi XE3 to Rio according to the official GitHub README

This package will work as Helpers for your known components, to use it you just need to add the folder on your library Path:

and declare it on your Units

Using it you can easily convert Datasets to JSON and back, also manipulates nested structures using Master/detail linked datasets.

Check out some examples of how simple is to use this powerful, free and open-source package.

Validate JSON

Load from JSON

Merge from JSON

“Stop wasting time with complicated functions to handle JSON and check out this awesome package!”

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