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Enterprise-Grade Object Persistence Framework For Delphi

enterprise grade object persistence framework for delphi

Last few years, there is a rise in open-source Delphi projects on GitHub. Many tech companies which utilize Delphi is publishing their code to GitHub to share their different solution for different problems in the software development business.

InstantObjects – this is the integrated framework for developing an object-oriented solution in Delphi. This framework enables the creation of applications based on persistent business objects. A business object is an object that has a set of properties and values, operations, and connections to other business objects. Business objects include business data and model business behavior.

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InstantObject framework simplifies the process of realizing ideas into products, it shortens time-to-market and helps keep business focus. Since it is easy to integrate with the Delphi IDE, you can create business applications with it in no time.

InstantObjects offers:

  • Model realization in the Delphi IDE via integrated two-way tools.
  • Object persistence in the most common relational databases or flat XML-based files.
  • Object presentation via standard data-aware controls.
  • Serialization/Deserialization of object using delphi-neon library

When you install the framework from the GetIt Package Manager, you will get several demo applications for you to learn more about the use cases of the framework. And you can find more information about the framework on its wiki page.

Be sure to head over and learn more about the InstantObjects Framework here and download it from the IDE

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