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50 years of Pascal and still growing!

turbo pascal byte magazine ad in my home office

In the March 2021 edition of the Communications of the ACM there is an article, by Nicklaus Wirth, about the 50th anniversary of Nicklaus Wirth’s Pascal. What started at ETH Zurich (in 1970) was publicized in the article “The programming language pascal” by Wirth in the Acta Informatica Journal in March of 1971.

The programming language pascal
Acta Informatica volume 1, pages 35–63(1971)

I am very happy to be just a small part of the 50 years of Pascal as a student (I wrote my first Pascal program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo California in 1972 on a CDC timesharing system), software engineer, Borland employee and member of the Embarcadero developer community.

While I do miss travelling and visiting with developers, I am happy to still be able to program, write and create videos about Delphi and C++Builder as a semi-retired developer here in Ashland Oregon.

To remind me of the importance of Turbo Pascal and Delphi, I have (on the wall in my home office) a framed blow up of the original Turbo Pascal version 1 ad that appeared the November 1983 edition of Byte Magazine.

turbo pascal byte magazine ad in my home office

In case you missed it – here is Marco Cantu’s recent blog post about the 50th anniversary of the Pascal language. https://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2021-march-50years-pascal.html

It’s so cool that Delphi can still (with very little change) compile and execute Turbo Pascal programs and most Pascal programs from the original Karen Jensen and Nicklaus Wirth “PASCAL User Manual and Report” from 1975.

PASCAL User Manual and Report © 1975
Authors: Jensen, Kathleen, Wirth, Niklaus

Stay safe everyone!

David I.


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