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Investigate And Compile Powerful Linux Sample Apps In Delphi For Ubuntu

To continue our discussion of Linux development, let’s take a look at this incredible collection of sample projects available for download, which demonstrate some amazing functions that you can use on your Linux projects.

First, let’s look at how to install the sample pack on Delphi using the GetIt tool.

Open Delphi, go to menu Tools-> GetIt Package Manager, type FMXLinuxSample, press Enter to search then select it and click install.

Inside the package there are several projects that you can use as examples; let’s check out the “Screenshot” Example and compile it on Ubuntu.

After opening the project you can see in the code the following directive on “Uses”:

This allows your project to be used on more than one platform, and also on the event you can see:

Now that we’ve opened the project, let’s start the “PAServer” on our Linux, so we can deploy, check out the video below:

If you need help setting up the Linux connection on Delphi and how to run “PAServer” check out this post.

And finally, let’s run the project, but before compiling remember to check if the connection settings correspond to the PAServer IP, Port and password.

Adapt and increase this project as you want to make it more powerful, if you keep using directives you can run it on multiple platforms without any problem.

Head over and check out additional information about the FMXLinux Samples for Delphi over in GetIt.

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