Incredible Database Development And Visualization Tool Is Built In Delphi

Navicat is a powerful database development tool which supports many database servers and cloud database platforms and it is built in Delphi. They have a number of different versions of Navicat with each version supporting one database or they have Navicat Premium for Windows which supports all of the databases in a single product. They list clients such as Adobe, Sony, HP, Disney, MasterCard…
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User Defined Functions with InterBase

InterBase has several built in functions that developers can use to create and optimize SQL queries. In some situations though, you may find yourself needing to expand queries or work with more complex queries that include string, date and statistical functions.

Measure Heart Rate Using Delphi And C++ Builder With The Power Of ThingConnect IoT Device Component Pack

When I think about Delphi and C++ Builder, the first thing that comes to my mind is powerful third party components that interface with almost everything. Or the syntax we have which is like writing a novel in the English language. RAD Studio comes with hundreds of components that simplify working with probably everything, from standard components to Internet of Things components. Today, I…
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