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Powerful RAD Server Hospitality Industry Template Source Code For Your Business

When you become friends with RAD Studio and RAD Server, you will have a superpower and, you become a 10X engineer because with RAD Server you can easily create complex and scalable services-based applications with high productivity. With the power of RAD Server, you can easily load Delphi and C++ business logic systems into RAD Server, add some users, and go. Moreover, REST/JSON end-points…
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Easily Improve Your Productivity With The Delphi Dev Shell Tools Windows Shell Extension

This Windows Shell Extension contains really useful tasks for Object Pascal developers. It creates right click options in Windows Explorer that really help you work with your Delphi projects to their fullest and save massive amounts of time. Go through the features and images below and get to know it. The Dev-Shell-Tools has many settings and functions, which are described below, how they…
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