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Easily Create Stunning Responsive Apps With Third Party FMXUI Library For Delphi FireMonkey


With the power of the Delphi programming language and the cross-platform FireMonkey framework, dozens of Delphi developers have created their own custom FireMonkey UI components to accomplish their goals, for instance, the TBadgeView component which helps to make unread message prompt little red dot or different dialog types for FireMonkey.

The FMXUI library has more than 20 components to make great user interfaces with FireMonkey. The FMXUI is based on the FireMonkey framework, so you should be able to build an application for all platform (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux). Moreover, these components have several different properties to make unusual UI elements easily.


Some of the features in FMXUI exist already in Delphi like the Parallel Programming Library, the TCalendar and TCalendarEdit components, and the various layouts. Customizations like are found in FMXUI are usually built for a specific use case beyond the built in run time library features offered in FireMonkey. Check out some of those new classes offered in FMXUI below.

FMXUI Classes

  • TView – basic view
  • TRelativeLayout – relative layout
  • TProgressView – progress bar view
  • TCalendarView – calendar view, support Lunar Calendar
  • TRingView – hollow graphics view
  • TAsync – asynchronous task processing class
  • and more

Head over and download the Delphi FireMonkey library and be sure to check out the FMXUI Classes!

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