Ultimate Movie Collection Organizer Software Is Built In Delphi

Movie Collector is a movie database software to catalog your DVD / Blu-ray collection and it is built in Delphi. It is part of the suite of desktop software products for cataloging your movies, books, music, comics, and games. According to their site features include: Browse, sort and search your movie collection in various layouts and views, Easily add DVDs and Blu-Rays to your…
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Powerful Filter Feature Allows Easily Dataset Filtering In Delphi With FireDAC

This sample demonstrates how to use the filter feature ofTFDQuery. To this end, the sample implements different preset filters. Moreover, you can edit your own filtering condition andapply the filter to a datasetin order to search for specific records. Location You can find theFiltersample project at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney |…
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