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High-Performance Expressive HTTP Server Microframework For Delphi

In the last few years, several web frameworks developed with Delphi programming language. And most of them are available as open-source and free to utilize. The best part is these web frameworks & libraries are active in development by Delphi developers from around the world. And we get new features every other day. Other offerings with web capabilities for Delphi include RAD…
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Quickly Learn How To Debug And Monitor Your FireDAC Connection In Delphi

TheMoniLayerClientssample shows you how to use the FireDACtracing and monitoringcapabilities to show how an application is communicating with a FireDAC monitor client. To this end, the sample uses two different FireDAC monitor clients: FlatFile-client and Remote-client. To use both monitor clients, the sample uses two client link components: the TFDMoniFlatFileClientLink…
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