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How To Automate Large Numbers Of Delphi Project Builds

What is build automation? Despite the ever-increasing rise of mobile devices, desktop applications are still the backbone of enterprise environments. Typically, these enterprise solutions are made up from multiple discrete modules which are harnessed together to create an application suite. But even applications which are themselves monolithic there may exist multiple versions at any one time…
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5 Ways To Modernize Your Data Access Pipeline

Building database applications with Windows IDE: RAD Studio (Delphi & C++ Builder) gives the best experience for developers. For instance, if you want to connect to a database, just drop a database connection component into the project and select the source of the data.

Why You Should Be Fearless When Developing With Delphi

Delphi is a superb language for developing applications for all platforms, desktop, mobile, or the web. Delphi can make gorgeous apps for the desktop such as Windows, Linux or macOS and yet is just as capable for mobile devices such as iOS and Android. You can create web apps with this Windows tool for developers– not just simple pages but fully capable involved creations which contain all…
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5 Apps To Help You Manage Your Automation

Advances in control system technology and robotic process automation software are changing how enterprises view and manage business processes and workflows. From improved asset utilization, faster process completion, to real-time data access, automation opportunities are…

How To Make Faster And More Glamorous Modern Apps With C++

Hello C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.orgis packed full of great articles for professionals and beginners packed full of new modern C++ topics to speed up your applications and to make them look visually stunning with an updated, modern look in a few simple steps. In these articles, we explain how you can simply use all cores of your CPU by usingParallel Programming Libraryin…
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Everything You Need To Know About Docker And More

The trouble with many lines of business applications is that they often have a habit of wanting solitary ownership of the computer on which they are running. On your personal PC, this is relatively harmless; you’re usually single-tasking, focusing on that application, and working with the data and functionality it provides. Resource consumption, such as storage, is fairly easy to monitor and…
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