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Enterprise-Grade Object Persistence Framework For Delphi

Last few years, there is a rise in open-source Delphi projects on GitHub. Many tech companies which utilize Delphi is publishing their code to GitHub to share their different solution for different problems in the software development business. InstantObjects – this is the integrated framework for developing an object-oriented solution in Delphi. This framework enables the creation of…
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Ultimate Device Info Is Powered By Delphi

According to the developer, “With Device Info get all the information on your device and send or share via email, or social messages.” Detailed Device Information: + Device Name + Operating System + Architecture CPU + Language + TimeZone + Orientation Screen +…

Developer Stories: Julian Ziersch Engages On His fotoARRAY Application

Julian Ziersch has been programming with Delphi since 1996. His showcase entry (fotoARRAY Is An Amazing Image Manager For Easier Photo Browsing And It Is Made In Delphi) was featured at the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge. He also shared with us his amazing experiences with programming in Delphi. Visit the fotoARRAY website for more information. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have…
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High-Performance C++ NMEA Parser GPS Interface

Most GPS modules have a serial port, which makes them excellent to connect to a microcontroller or computer. It is common for the microcontroller to parse the NMEA data. Parsing is just removing the pieces of data from the NMEA sentence so the microcontroller can do…

Work Efficiently With Git Repositories Using GitForDelphi

GitForDelphi allows you to work with git repositories from within your Delphi code, with the only dependencies being the uGitForDelphi.pas source file and the libgit2 DLL. It’s extremely easy to use GitForDelphi ! To set it up, just add uGitForDelphi to the uses section, and call InitLibgit2; and the libgit2 DLL will be loaded, and its API will be ready to use to read from…
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Debugging In Another Level - DebugEngine

Most of the time developers spend debugging their code, tracing the errors, checking the variables’ value changes over time. When it comes to Delphi, we have several professional debugging tools that help to access the Delphi debug information and finding the…
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LearnCPlusPlus.org :: Learn FireDAC, MyDAC Components And MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase Databases, And Much More

Hello C++ Builder Developers, We have great new C++ Builder post picks from the LearnCPlusPlus.org website on the basics of connectivity to different database systems. Do you want to learn how to connect to MySQL Server in C++ Builder? Want to use the MyDAC component to connect MySQL Database in C++ Builder? Do you want to connect to PostgreSQL in C++ Builder? Do you want to learn how to use the…
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