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How To Use Cross-Platform Programming Languages: Expectations vs Reality

Cross-Platform languages are not something new. For more than two decades, cross-platform development has been with us, but each programming language and technology evolved differently, adopted different architecture, and offered even more choices to consider.  Today we are going to talk about different cross-platform programming languages, why they are good and what are their disadvantages…
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20 Fun Facts About The Best Low Code Platforms

Businesses are growing, and new challenges are rising. On the other hand, there is pressure to reduce costs by automating the tasks. The best solution is to lean on custom applications, but it takes a lot of time and is not affordable for most businesses. But do not make up…

Embarcadero InterBase 2020 Update 3 Released!

I’m delighted to announce that today Embarcadero has released a new version of its InterBase flagship database engine, InterBase 2020 Update 3. With this release, the company continues to improve the product’s quality and usability. UX Enhancements The most visible improvements are the user interface enhancements in the InterBase Manager utility for the Windows platform. In this release the…
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This Is How To Call DOS, Solve A Matrix And More In A C++ App

Hello C++ Developers, In today’s collection of posts, we will learn to call DOS commands from your C++ app. We also learn about the built-in shape components of C++ Builder with easy examples. More deeply we will learn to solve more complex engineering problems in C++ by using the SOR iteration method to solve millions of unknowns. In another post, in modern C++, we will learn to convert…
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A Beginner's Guide To The Best Low Code Platform

What is the Low-Code, No-Code Movement? As a programmer/developer or an engineer it’s not long now before you will see advertising and articles about no-code or low code development technologies or micro-services available in the market. A quick web search for “low-code development tools” and you will discover hundreds of different micro-tools that can help you build a whole…
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How to use Dreambooth from Delphi?

If you’re a developer, chances are you’ve heard of Dreambooth. But what is it, and how can you use it to your advantage? Dreambooth is a model that allows you to fine tune an existing…