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This Is How Technology Is Changing Windows IDE's Treatment

While the idea of integrated development environments (IDE software) dates back to 1983 when Borland launched TurboPascal, the first-ever editor-compiler integration, many believe the IDE wave really started with Microsoft’s Visual Basic and Delphi in the 1990s. Long vbefore even those early days, early developers would save their code on a variety of hard-copy mediums such as the IBM punch card…
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5 Ways To Make Use Of AI In Your Windows And Mobile Apps

AI is one of the most significant trends in the app development industry. We can witness that artificial intelligence is coursing into every regular activity of ours whether it is medicine, finance, production, cyber security through mobile and desktop applications. In…

How Does UI Design Approach Differ Between Delphi And Electron? Benchmarking Study

How much effort does a developer have to put in to build a great-looking, intuitive and functional user interface? Much depends on how much the IDE or framework the developer is using facilitates the process through a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) approach, ready-made visual design components, libraries and tools, and a low-code approach that automates as much of the repetitive parts of…
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Is Java Dead? What Is the Best Alternative?

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems and was later acquired by Oracle in 1995. According to its Wikipedia page, “Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language, designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.” Although it has…

How Do Delphi And Electron Line Up on Development Time? Benchmarking Study

Development time is a vital component of any software development project, even before it starts. It relies partly on development tools and partly on developer productivity, and heavily influences cost, upgrade and maintenance estimations. When businesses choose a software framework they begin a long-term relationship for the duration of their application’s lifecycle. Given the strategic…
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Top 10 How To's: FireMonkey

The FireMonkey® framework is the multi-device, true native app development and runtime platform behind RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. FireMonkey is designed for teams building multi-device, true native apps for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS, and getting them to app…

This Is How To Improve the Performance of .NET Apps

Microsoft’s .Net is one of the most popular technologies used by businesses to power mission-critical digital services. Millions of developers use C#, ASP.Net, etc., to develop different types of widely used software solutions, primarily for Windows development. Solutions…

This Is How To Explain Automation To Your Boss

Behind every successful organization, especially those specializing in windows application development, are innovative solutions and strategies which were, at some point, just ideas in the minds of employees like yourself. You’ve probably identified areas of improvement in your organization’s workflows, and automation signifies a business potential if you can turn your ideas into…
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