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How To Develop For The New iPhone Even If You Don’t Have One

How To Develop For The New iPhone Even If You Dont Have One

Apple has this wonderful way of producing launch videos announcing new products which are immediately the most desirable, in-demand, must-have, tech. As a developer producing cross-platform apps it can be difficult to keep up and even harder to get hold of the device. But did you know RAD Studio can enable you to develop for the new iPhone even if you don’t have one?

How to develop cross platform apps with RAD Studio?

The newly-released 11.2 version of RAD Studio Alexandria came with lots of great new features, tweaks and fixes. Two of my personal favorites are the dead code highlighting which allows you to easily see when a block of code will never get executed, and markdown support in the IDE (I am a big fan of markdown).

But really the ultimate killer feature for me has to be the iOS Simulator support for Delphi so that it can generate iOS Simulator binaries for macOS devices running on ARM-64 such as the M1 or M2 chips. Coupled with  this is an even more important capability – the fact that the latest version of XCode is fully supported by RAD Studio and, with that, the ability to run and test your apps on the new version of the Apple simulator in iPhone 14 mode.

What iPhone models are supported by RAD Studio 11.2?

iOS M1 Simulator
A screenshot of my RAD Studio 112 project manager

It depends on what simulators and devices you have available to XCode on your Mac but on my Mac Mini M1 and RAD Studio 11.2 I am able to target pretty much any Apple device but, most importantly, the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Plus and even the iPhone 14 Pro Max which is not even available at the time of writing.

Not only can I target these devices in the simulator but they run FAST. I mean at full speed just as if it is a real device. This is a wonderful experience for a developer like myself who creates cross-platform apps using Delphi. I was recently able to update two of my Enterprise iOS apps for a customer and test them on the Mac Mini in the simulator which meant I could be confident they looked great and worked correctly. I could also be sure that the apps would work with iOS 16 which was just about to get pushed to all their iPhones.

The customer emailed me back 30 minutes after I uploaded them to the iOS Enterprise portal saying “we have downloaded and tested both apps; all is working great!

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This is the great thing about RAD Studio with Delphi, it just works and it works so well it makes me look good. Twenty-seven years of happy customers is one of the many reasons I became an MVP in the first place. RAD Studio with Delphi simply makes cross-platform so easy and trouble-free for me.

Where can I learn more about developing cross platform apps for the new iPhone?

Well, you don’t need to take my word for it. My fellow MVP Dr. Holger Flick is also raving about the new Mac ARM M1 and M2 support too. Holger is a product evangelist for Embarcadero Tech Partner TMS Software and he has just released a new video in his “How it works with Holger” series which he produces for them.

In this video Holger leverages the power of RAD Studio’s component-based development architecture to generate some really powerful maps with the TMS Map Components. He also shows the iOS simulator in action along with some of the features of the RAD Studio 11.2. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Holger also has a book about how to use the map components along with a training course with a 20% discount for readers of this blog to celebrate the release of RAD Studio 11.2.

Do you want to try out the latest features of RAD Studio 11.2? Download a free copy today!

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