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The Future Of Data Access Is Through Data Bindings

Delphi RTL (Runtime Library) contains a mighty expression engine, one of the foundations of the LiveBindings architecture but can be utilized as a separate engine for processing expressions. It’s this kind of low-code super-charged feature which makes you really appreciate the powerful performance boost that having decent IDE software can add to your coding experience. The…
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10 Quick Hot Tips For Building A Modern C++ App

When developing a C++ app with the use of Builder C++, these quick tips from Embarcadero C++ MVP Ylmaz Yörü will help you create truly useful and responsive UI designs for your users, as well as top-notch code to back up the functionality. Read on as you’ll learn the…

Undeniable Proof That You Need A Windows Software Maker

The primary goal for most application development projects is delivering a working product that solves the problem it’s created for. However, let’s face it, what good is a solution if no-one uses it? That’s why metrics like user growth, engagement, and brand awareness are useful for measuring the success of a project. In other words, to provide the right conditions for your project to be…
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The Intermediate Guide to Windows App Development

Windows app development is quite a large subject when you go beyond just scratching the surface. There are several different kinds of Windows app development beyond just the regular GUI application. In this article we take a look at a few of the other types of app such as Windows services, web server apps and even DLLs for Apache web servers. In Windows app development, what is a Windows…
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