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How To Start Containerization Using Windows Sandbox

Wouldn’t it be great if your computer could have a protective layer that prevents bad things from happening when you run strange things from the internet or open strange attachments? You can, however, using the Windows Sandbox. Windows Sandboxis a great feature you should definitely take a look at. Here are some of the best features of Windows Sandbox: Part of…
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Native Windows is Back to Center Stage

With the demise of UWP, native development has reclaimed its place as the primary Windows development model after 20 years (given we had .NET in between). Delphi excels at native programming, so this is fantastic news for us. Several announcements from Microsoft in recent weeks have partially reversed previous directions in Windows development. In short, Microsoft is undermining (if not outright…
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How To Build a Digit Classifier In Tensorflow

MNIST – Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology is the crucible of a comprehensive computer vision database. Since its release in 1999, MNIST’s classic dataset of handwritten pictures has been accepted as the foundation for benchmarking…

Introducing InterBase for .NET - A Super-Secure Embedded Data Warehouse For .NET Users

Hello everyone and welcome to InterBase RDBMS! This is the first blog post of a series that introduces the InterBase multiplatform database to .NET developers. The idea is to present InterBase to the .NET community, ranging from an overview of what InterBase is, installation and configuration, connecting to InterBase from .NET and how to deploy InterBase – not only in the client/server…
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My November Conferences: EKON 25 and DelphiCon 2021

Over the next two weeks, I’m presenting at two different conferences: EKON 25, in-person in Dusseldorf, Germany, and DelphiCon 2021, Embarcadero largest yearly online event. EKON 25 The EKON conference in Germany is likely the longest running Delphi focused event…
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Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain

Blockchain is a term utilized to represent distributed ledger technology. Blockchain is used to build a storage system for data in a distributed and immutable mode. So there are key features we need to mention. Immutability– this means that once data is…
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RADoween: Full-Stack Web App Development with Delphi and TMS

Up and running from concept to launch in just five days On October 14, Atanas emailed Bruno with an idea for a TMS WEB Core-powered web app to run our internal partner Halloween costume contest. The goal was for a simple web page where team members could submit pictures of their Halloween costumes, and then everyone could vote on their favorites. Oh, and we needed it ASAP so we would have…
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