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Konopka Signature VCL Controls Version 7

A new version of the KSVC bonus package with enhanced HighDPI support is now available in RAD Studio GetIt Package manager. The Konopka Signature VCL Controls library is a VCL library with a nice set of enhanced visual controls and powerful embedded designers. Embarcadero bought the rights from Raize Software a few years ago. In the 10.4.2 time frame, we made some fixes and improvements to…
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Embarcadero expands InterBase support for Visual Studio

Embarcadero has released a new InterBase ADO.NET driver for Visual Studio. The new driver, made available as a Nuget package and listed in the Visual Studio marketplace, will offer Visual Studio 2019 IDE integration and full support for ADO.NET and the Entity Framework. The InterBase NuGet Package The newly released NuGet package for Visual Studio includes a brand new ADO.NET driver for InterBase…
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Working with OpenAI's GPT-3

The webinar was a huge hit. Planning future follow up webinars on the topic. Blog post: OpenAI’s Introduction to the API with sign-up for the waiting listAcademic Paper: Language Models are Few-Shot LearnersDocumentation: OpenAI APIPersonally curated YouTube…
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Quickly Build Powerful Native Cryptocurrency Charting Solutions For Windows

Coins, wallets and the tale of very big numbers It’s hard to miss the tidal wave of stories about cryptocurrency. The inexorable rise of BitCoin, Ethereum and a whole stable of others and the volatility where fortunes are made – and lost – has ensured it is the hot technical topic of the day. You can even apparently soon pay for a Tesla with cryptocurrency. In this article…
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Must Have: This Free & Powerful Report Generator For Your Windows Apps

Sooner or later your applications need to create some sort of visualization of the data they handle. RAD Studio users already get a bundled version of the TChart graphing component so you can easily produce pie, bar and line graphs. Our rich eco-system of technology partners also provide a number of different takes on report writers and generators ranging from spreadsheet-based generators thru PDF…
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