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6 Easy Ways to Connect to the Top Databases You Should Know

Processing of data is the soul of computing. Almost every single computer ever invented was designed so that human beings could take information in the form of data and manipulate it in one way or another either through visualizations orto use in other ways to make decisions about our lives, work and future. If data processing is the soul then the pieces of data itself are the bones we use…
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Powerful Bluetooth Control App Displays Delphi's Flexibility

For those fortunate enough to have access to a pool all that splash-time fun comes at the price of a not inconsiderable amount of effort. Pools, on the face of it, seem to be not a huge amount more than fancy holes in the ground filled with water. When you accidentally own a swamp The reality is though that water is a delicate little ecosystem which can very quickly go from a place of…
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Wolfram Alpha Adds An Enterprise-Grade Knowledge Base

Do you want to add an enterprise-grade Wolfram Alpha features to your applications? You can easily use Wolfram Alpha in our C++ Builder and Delphi applications by using Wolfram|Alpha API from the Wolfram Alpha that is free for 2000 requests monthly. It is a RESTful server…

Learn To Use MQTT API, The IoT Messaging Standard In C++

Do you want to learn to use MQTT to talk to IoT devices? Do you want to learn how IoT devices message each other? Do you simply want to know what MQTT is? How can we use MQTT protocol with our IoT devices? In this post we answer all these questions. What is MQTT? MQTT is an messaging standard protocol that can be used by IoTs with different programming languages in. In another term, it is a…
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Browsing in a Windows Application: From Internet Explorer to WebView 2

Microsoft is announcing platform changes regarding HTML rendering in applications and RAD Studio VCL Windows library has TWebBrowser for MSHTML and TEdgeBrowser components for WebView2. It is fairly common these days in a native applications, like a RAD Studio VCL Windows applications, to have the need to display web content embedded into the applications itself. Microsoft recently made a couple…
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