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World's Best Fruit Fly Research Engine Is Built With Delphi

They may be tiny, but fruit flies are actually hugely popular to researchers trying to unfurl the secrets of life itself. In this Enterprise Article entry Delphi developer David Schwartz discusses why he believes Delphi is very definitely the best choice of low code application platform and how he has leveraged his Delphi programming skills to branch out and create extremely powerful web apps…
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A Summary of Year 2022 for RAD Studio (and Delphi)

What happened in 2022 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder? Here are a few highlights — and also a quick look at what’s coming soon February 2022 Delphi 27th Anniversary, along with the release of an Innovation Timeline Infographic and a Delphi WinUI 3 Demo March 2022 The C++Builder 25th Anniversary. I released a Historical Article on C++ Builder Language Extensions Release…
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5 Modern C++ Examples To Learn C++

Hello C++ developers. If you want to dive deep into C++ programming, then the LearnCPlusPlus website is the right place in 2023 with many modern and professional examples that can be compiled by anyC++ Code Editor. Last year on LearnCPlusPlus we mostly focused on…
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How This Amazing Delphi App Helps Save 300 Million Lives A Year

Today’s article is from Delphi developer Fabrice Deprez. Fabrice works as a Software Architect at Dedalus Belgium. Fabrice tells us today how the clarity and stability of the Delphi language and runtime libraries powers his cross platform development in one of those places even angels fear to tread – the intricate management of patient anesthesia where mistakes can literally cost…
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This is How To Sort in Modern C++

Hello C++ developers. this week we have more modern C++ examples that can be compiled by any C++ IDE and compiler. If you want to dive deep into C++ programming, then the LearnCPlusPlus website is the right place for you. We keep adding more features of modern C++ and how…
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How To Record Exact Operation Execution Time With Delphi

To know how to get the information on the exact execution time of an operation in your Windows and cross platform apps can be useful in all sorts of circumstances. For example, it can be necessary when you need to show users the time spent on the execution of a long operation (by the way, in such a situation, high accuracy is rarely required). Or you may need to know the exact time needed for…
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What’s Coming in Delphi and C++Builder Libraries

If you are following what’s happening around RAD Studio, you’ve likely seen our announcement in terms of a renewed C++ language focus, What’s Coming for C++Builder: An Amazing Preview. As a…