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Speaking at Italian Delphi Day 2022

In two weeks, I’ll be giving a couple of sessions at the (online) Italian Delphi Day event, organized by Wintech Italia. This year the Italian Delphi Day event (one of the longest running yearly Delphi conferences) is scheduled for June 21st to 23rd. Once again, it will be online and it’s free to attend. Check the details on https://www.delphiday.it/ (sign up should be available…
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PyTorch for Delphi with the Python Data Sciences Libraries

Last week we look at the Python developer side of the Embarcadero Python Ecosystem with DelphiFMX. This week are are looking at the Delphi (and potentially C++Builder) side of the ecosystem. Embarcadero Open Source Live Stream The next installment takes a look at the new Python Data Sciences Libraries and related projects that make it super easy write Delphi code against Python libraries…
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Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions?

Hello Dear C++ Developers, Do All Great C++ Apps Use Lambda Expressions? Here’s a great selection of post picks from LearnC++ and here on the Embarcadero blog to help you create C++ apps. We describe the pros and cons of C++ Lambda Expressions and take you through how and when to use this powerful C++ language construct. We explain fscanf usage in modern C++ with examples,. Fscanf can be…
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How To Use Amazon Polly To Easily Convert Text To Speech In Cross Platform Apps

Sometimes it’s best to say things out loud. Other times reading some text, or the contents of a message are either difficult or might even be impossible if, for example, you or your user have visual impairments. You certainly can’t be silent if you’re narrating a movie. Whatever your purpose, if you need a way to generate speech from text, the latest Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi supports…
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