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How To Use A C++ DLL In Any Delphi Program

There is a glorious wealth of useful C++ libraries available on the internet. We have featured many great uses of C++ here on this blog too. C++ is typically extremely high performance. If we can have the source code of the C++ library, we can create a package which will then allow us to use the C++ in our Delphi programs. Often though the source code of the C++ library is not available. In…
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The Top 6 Picks From Last Week On LearnCPlusPlus.org

Hello Dear C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.org is the ultimate place to learn how to use the powerful Modern C++ language in easy steps. We try to use latest RAD Studio, C++ Builder versions (10.4.2) to test modern ways in CLANG C++ Standards. Because of CLANG, most of…

You Need To Protect Your C++ Programs From Hackers

Nowadays, malicious programmers are utilizing modern technologies to bypass the licensing and anti-copying mechanisms which can hit your revenue. It’s also common for hackers to try to breach steps you might have taken to protect and encrypt sensitive user data to steal it, possibly for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or blackmail. Breaches such as these can cause major financial…
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Welcome to the future of software development, again

I have some good news for you, the future of software development has arrived! Well, to be precise, the next possible big thing in the future of software development is here… again. Works anywhere, just add RAM I have this mental block about the name Electron. I’m not entirely sure why it is but whenever I try to remember the name of this ubiquitous web framework my little gray cells…
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How To Add IP Address Intelligence Services To Your Apps

Have you ever wanted your apps to have the power to examine an IP address and then find out everything you possibly could about it such as what time zone is local to the IP, what currency they use or what internet service provider is used? This capability is called IP address intelligence and it can add a powerfully rich package of knowledge to your applications allowing you to customize how you…
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