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Everything You Need To Build A Website Scraping App

The ScrapeStack API was built to offer a simple REST API interface for scraping web pages at scale without having to programatically deal with geolocations, IP blocks or CAPTCHAs. The API supports a series of features essential to web scraping, such as JavaScript rendering, custom HTTP headers, various geo-targets, POST/PUT requests and an option to use premium residential proxies instead of…
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Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year

It is essential to recognize when not to write code. We developers comprehend, when the code increases in a project, things lead to getting more dangerous. If you crave to restrict your code from becoming more acute, to atrophy, it requires to be maintained most of the time. I love to code. I feel like I am writing a novel when I write code. But, most of the time, software development is…
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Announcing the Desktop First UX Summit 2021

Are your applications ready for the upcoming release of Windows 11? Find out at the annual Desktop First UX Summit sponsored by Embarcadero’s RAD Studio. Don’t be stuck on mobile or locked to the web. Great software is built on the desktop! The Desktop First UX Summit…

Desktops Are An Unmatched Productivity Powerhouse

Mobile apps may be in vogue but with the global pandemic disrupting workplaces everywhere desktop devices bring the office to wherever you are working from this week. Microsoft has reported there are over 1.3 billion devices running Windows 10 and they are working on…

Made With Delphi: This Powerful Load Shedding Schedule App

This beautifully designed and engineered app really puts the superb cross-platform capabilities of the Delphi FireMonkey FMX platform to work on mobile devices running either Android or iOS. Delphi keeps South Africans forewarned of potential electrical outages Eskom is a South African public utility supplying both commercial premises and regular consumers with electricity. At times of…
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