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6 Ways To Rapidly Collect Massive Datasets in your Apps

Do you have trouble collecting massive datasets in your apps? In this article, you’ll learn what web scraping is, how it is done, and how to use lightweight Python IDE windows tools for web scraping, web scraping results using Python4Delphi, and many more. What is web scraping? Web Scraping is a technique where a computer program extracts data from human-readable output coming from…
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GM Update! Quality and Access!

Idera Developer Tools Family Grows Idera Developer Tools continue to grow with the recent acquisition of apilayer (www.apilayer.com), which provides a variety of high performance api offerings ranging from geolocation to currency rates. We have aggressive ambitions to…

Automate Aircraft Workflow With Delphi And A Mobile Phone

If you’re like me flying is probably a slightly mystical experience. You’re not entirely sure how the plane defies gravity and the job of a pilot seems to involve a bewildering array of switches, dials and incredibly expensive sunglasses. There’s a lot more going on, of course, beyond the cockpit and safety briefings. Modern flights, even in smaller aircraft, involve much more…
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Developer Stories: Brian Thomson Shares Insights On His Pro Workout Application

Brian Thomson has been using Delphi since its 1.0. Brian submitted a showcase entry (Helpful Workout Application Is Delphi Powered) to the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we interviewed him to learn more about his experiences with Delphi. You can find out more about his application and download it here on Pro Workout. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have you been using…
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Modernize Your App: Are You Handling Windows Themes Correctly?

Modern versions of Microsoft Windows are arguably a lot more pleasing to look at.  Gone are the days of apps being gray slabs and chunky buttons.  When Microsoft adopted the Fluent UI interface, along with it came a richer color palette, a cleaner, leaner look, and fonts without the curls and twists of the Serif families. Sidling in with that beauty treatment were a number of other usability and…
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