Developer Stories: Luis Hernandez Shares About His VisualNEO Web Software

Luis Hernandez has been developing on Delphi for two and a half years. He submitted a showcase entry (VisualNEO Web) for the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we wanted to know about his process with developing the software. His works can be found over at VisualNEO Web. When did you start using RAD Studio Delphi and have long have you been using it? Two and a half years ago the opportunity…
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Delphi University makes a year

A year ago, we launched the Delphi University project here in Brazil. And yesterday, 13/04/2021, it was a day to celebrate the success of the project. The idea of ​​live and the call The day started and at around 10 am I remembered that I was completing exactly one year…

Truly Make Your User's Lives Easier With This Delphi Android App

Delphi programmers are in charge of a surprising number of industries. Our developer community is in on a big secret: RAD Studio Delphi quickly gets your apps from great idea to reality and into the hands of customers, with their desktop and mobile applications quietly working away, providing solid, reliable, and useful tools to assist and enhance their users’ daily social and working lives.
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New Delphi’s Object Pascal Style Guide

Embarcadero has just published on the docwiki site an updated version of the language style guide. The document has been updated to cover modern Delphi language features and some changes to the coding style Over the last few months I drove an effort to publish a new Object Pascal style guide for today’s Delphi language. From the preface: “This document is an updated version of the…
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