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Do You Want To See How To Create A Showcase Mobile Game?


We love featuring our showcase applications – it’s great to see the versatility and skill Delphi developers put into them. There’s such a wide variety of offerings too from intelligent order-taking, machine-learning vision apps, powerful museum mobile experiences which enhance visits to exhibits with helpful information and three dimensional images. Wherever your imagination takes you RAD Studio Delphi can help make it a reality on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

All work and no play? Not with Firemonkey!

Games are also well represented by our community of wonderfully talented Delphi developers. This beautifully-designed game from French developer GBESort is a great example of what can be done. FMXPong is a version of the famous game “Pong”. The original Pong, from Atari, was very likely the first computer game ever released. FMXPong is a tribute to the original, but bringing things right up to date in 3D. FMXPong also contains some additional features enabled by the modern world of mobile devices. For example you can move the paddle by touching on the screen or by tilting the smartphone or tablet which the code then detects using the gyroscope of your device.

What’s better than a great mobile game written with Delphi?

How about a great game with full open source? All the code for FMXPong is fully open source and available at: https://github.com/gbegreg/FMXPong



Google Play


Screenshot Gallery

FMXPong Delphi open source mobile game screenshot 1
FMXPong Delphi open source mobile game screenshot 2
FMXPong Delphi open source mobile game screenshot 3
FMXPong Delphi open source mobile game hero image

Are you ready to write a mobile game?

On this other blog, get more information about 3D Mahjong and why this open-source game built in Delphi remains a hit for gamers – amateurs and novices alike.

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